Oregon Donkey Sanctuary Northwest

Who We Are

In 2010 we began as a volunteer facility for the largest donkey rescue in the United States. Over the years we've come to know and love the often neglected and misunderstood Equus Assinus, also known as the donkey. Their ancestors gave so much to help build our country but over the years todays donkeys have found themselves largely forgotten, abused, neglected and unwanted. 

We have dedicated ourselves to help raise the status and awareness of the donkeys here in Northwestern Oregon.

That is why we have started our own 501(c)3 organization. Oregon Donkey Sanctuary Northwest is a local sanctuary and educational facility to teach others the wonderful attributes of donkeys.

 ‚ÄčOregon Donkey Sanctuary Northwest

Offering a soft place to land for neglected, abused or unwanted donkeys here in our local area. We are currently home to 17 donkeys ranging in age from 3 to 30 years old. 

Our facility

Our 40 acre farm is nestled in Echo Dell just outside of Oregon City.